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How valuable is your recruitment business?

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2015 has seen record recruitment M&A activity and the next year is set to eclipse these levels with a large number of recruitment business owners either considering buying a firm to add scale or looking at selling their business in the next 6 to 12 months.

  • How close is your business to a transaction?  
  • Have you got the 3R-Factor that buyers want? 
  • What are you looking at when acquiring a business? 
  • What is a likely transaction worth?
  • What does good look like when buying or selling?

Many recruitment entrepreneurs have a goal in mind when starting up, growing and selling their business, sadly some fall short. 3Rinside helps you ensure your goals aren’t just left to chance.

An acquirer will examine every facet of your business and may discover issues which impact on the price they are willing to pay.

3Rinside gives you the 3R-Factor, demystifying the mergers and acquisition process, the business planning you need and is designed to deliver tangible value to your business today and for the future.

3R-Factor is designed exclusively to assess and benchmark how an acquirer would value your recruitment company relative to the rest of the market, including your team, your offering, your financials and the multiple areas that a buyer looks for that either enhance or limit your valuation.

What the 3Rinside team can do:

  • With a confidential discussion we find out more about your business, providing key information that an acquirer would assess when reviewing your business as a target.
  • Our ongoing advice is objective and offered by experienced experts to give you an idea of valuation metrics and how close you are to selling or if your acquisition target represents true value, not just a sterile “financial transaction”.
  • We walk you through the steps you need to market your business to buyers, what makes you distinct and the gaps that a buyer will test you on – areas that invariably could affect price.
  • Acceleration, Growth, Expansion, Marketing, HR, Compliance, Financials, Operations, Rewards – just some of the aspects to consider. Add to that the future growth potential, current recruitment landscape, value drivers, threats and opportunities and more – that’s some of the areas a buyer will probe and having 3Rinside review these areas gives you the edge when facing a deal.

The 3R-Factor covers

  • Explains how your business value can been calculated
  • Areas adding value and those that are neutral or negative, allowing you a way to maximise value in a transaction.
  • We give you an objective assessment of the current “Sale-ability” of your business, identifying any areas of weakness as well as strengths AHEAD of a transaction capitalising on your exit and outcomes.
  • Covering the financials, operations, marketing, systems, processes, USPs and much more we show you ways to improve the prospects of selling your business and the price you can achieve.

Who is it suitable for?

3R-Factor is suitable for any owners of a recruitment business who intend to sell their business to maximise the value they will receive and also for those owners looking to acquire a business and achieve best value for their target.

What’s involved? A 3R-Factor Business Reviews:

  1. Legal document review / Health-check
  2. Examination of your contractor and temp payment arrangements including compliance and suitability
  3. Review of your marketing plan and strategy including social media integration
  4. Corporate & personal (Director) tax planning review
  5. Review of factoring / invoice discounting, debtor arrangements
  6. Staff incentives & reward review
  7. Business planning creation
  8. Creation of a “story” and Information Memorandum to showcase your business to prospective acquirers
  9. Cost and Profit maximisation and review
  10. Future prospects review covering market, offering and senior team

Founded by recruitment professionals with in excess of $100m in combined transactions across 4 continents the 3Rinside team comprise specialists in Finance, M&A/ Corporate Finance, Marketing, Training, HR, Operations, Procurement, Back office and international growth to ensure you get best value.

To discuss our future potential and opportunities contact Paul Russell, or Graeme Read, or call us on +44 203 291 3827 for a confidential discussion and take advantage of a growing market.

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